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Our research activities

Møreforsking Volda conducts research into social sciences with an emphasis on welfare and regional development. These fields have been developed in close co-operation with Volda University College, with whom we co-operate closely with regard to academic development and the implementation of research projects.
The academic environment in Møreforsking has for more than 20 years worked to develop theories and methods in communicative planning and local community development and is among the leaders in its field in Norway. Basic to communicative planning and local community development is the fact that  effecting change in a more dynamic direction requires an improvement in the social capital of society. In other words, planning with an emphasis on totality, active participation, discourse, co-ordination, co-operation and delegation. Key social actors must be included in public processes, enabling them to learn from each other and develop a common understanding of challenges, targets and actions. Such perspectives enjoy today a central role also in Norwegian politics when it comes to regional development and social planning.
A central academic approach for Møreforsking Volda is organisation, co-operation and user perspectives in relation to public service and welfare production. In this field we carry out research and assessments of the organisation of various services, organisations and initiatives. This also includes co-operation within and between various types of welfare services, organisations and levels of administration.