Our partners

Our most important partners are our owners, the Norwegian Technical University (NTNU), the University Colleges in Molde and Volda, in addition to numerous national and international research institutes.

The aims of the cooperation with the university colleges are to:
  • promote the development of a joint professional and academic environment
  • develop teaching and research activities of high quality and relevance for industry, public administration and the community at large
  • utilise the research resources of these institutions in the best possible manner. 

The academic platform on which Møreforsking’s research in a variety of fields rests is to be found at the university colleges. Agreements between Møreforsking and each individual university college facilitate the mutual use of staff and infrastructure with a view to research, teaching and other academic activities. 
Møreforsking’s research activity is to reflect the academic profile of the university colleges and support the development of their study programmes and other activities aimed at the community at large. By developing a joint research environment the partnership is to contribute to:
  • strengthen the academic fields and improve the quality of the education offered
  • strengthen its reputation and position as actors in the community
  • provide the staff with the opportunity for self-realisation
  • establish a sound financial basis for further developing our activities