We offer

We offer research and knowledge-based development services in a broad field of areas. Our strength is inter-disciplinary applied knowledge development and dissemination aimed at solving problems or meeting the knowledge needs of our clients. We conduct both commissioned and self-initiated research projects.

We can deliver:
  • scientific studies at the request of public- or private-sector actors
  • research-based analyses and reports
  • evaluations and support for the development of assessment programmes/ systems
  • studies of social or industrial issues using scientific methods
  • management, facilitation and consequence-analysis of development processes or the assessment of the like
  • action research in co-operation with companies and organisations
  • arrange seminars, workshops, conferences etc
  • lectures on topics on which we conduct research or have expertise
We can also take responsibility for the development, implementation, administration and management of research projects on behalf of others within fields that are relevant to our activities.