CIRCULÆR - Learning as a tool for faster development of better, sustainable products

This project aims to establish capabilities that support Lean Circular Business Models, enabling implementation of sustainable product & process innovation in order to meet the transformation needs of the future.

CIRCULÆR promises to enable Norwegian industry to tackle economic and environmental challenges by combining lean thinking with circular economy (CE) principles. The European Green Deal defines the EU's environmental strategy and CE plan to halve waste by 2030. Following this notion, Norway’s’ environmental policy brings to focus that its industries must reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize harmful discharges to water and increase energy efficiency. As such, Norwegian industry must embark on the transition to zero- / low-emission solutions, while simultaneously advancing beyond the dominant linear economy, to remain competitive. For Norwegian companies, this transition requires new skills and capabilities throughout the organization. A core Lean insight is to replace instructions with challenges and problem solving – to engage and educate people rather than control them. As such, the underpinning idea and motivation for this project is to encourage and help organizations to discover and learn new ways of realizing opportunities for circularity throughout their entire product portfolio.

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Nina Pereira Kvadsheim

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CIRCULÆR - Learning as a tool for faster development of better, sustainable products


Research Council of Norway


Lærdal Medical, Haugstad Møbel


Nina Pereira Kvadsheim, Mikhail Shlopak, Jon Halfdanarson, Bella B. Nujen