Evaluation of the Norwegian long distance transport model (NTM5)

Evaluation of the Norwegian long distance transport model (NTM5)


Jens Rekdal


Møreforskingh Molde AS


Statens vegvesen

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Report 0609



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Molde Research Institute has in this project evaluated the Norwegian National Transport Model for long distance trips (NTM5). The client for the work is the work group for transport analysis in the National Transport Plan.
The evaluation is performed firstly by running the model using historical input data, roughly representing the base years 1998, 2001 and 2004. The results from the model runs are compared with information about the travel pattern from other sources (travel surveys, traffic counts, statistics, etc.). The comparison makes it possible to discuss the reliability of the model results with respect to the geographical distribution of trips by mode, traffic volumes over borderlines, trip distance distributions by mode, and passenger volumes at domestic airports. In the second part of the evaluation different elasticities at different aggregation levels are calculated, discussed and compared with elasticities from other models and analysis.