Through over 30 years of business, Møreforsking has built solid expertise on designing and conducting projects within varying time- and budget-frames. The institute has 55 employees, whom conduct research, development, counseling and knowledge development.

Bråthen, Svein

Professor Molde University College and Researcher, Transport Economics
DIR +47 71 21 42 97svein.brathen@himolde.no

Hungnes, Tonje

Associate Professor Molde University College and Researcher, Society
DIR +47 71 21 42 69tonje.hungnes@himolde.no

Mwesiumo, Deodat

Associate Professor Molde University College and Researcher, Logistics
DIR +47 71 19 58 13Deodat.E.Mwesiumo@himolde.no

Johan Oppen

Johan Oppen holds a master’s degree and a PhD in Logistics from Molde University College. Both degrees focus on vehicle routing (VRP). He has worked with models and solutions for real-life planning problems. These include animal transportation, timber transportation, waste collection, transportation and handling of fish slurry, and also furniture production.
Johan worked as an associate professor in Logistics at Molde University College from 2008 to 2014. He has been a Møreforsking employee since January 2015.
His area of research includes operations research and optimization in applied logistics.
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