Through over 30 years of business, Møreforsking has built solid expertise on designing and conducting projects within varying time- and budget-frames. The institute has 55 employees, whom conduct research, development, counseling and knowledge development.


Liv Guri Velle

Velle is an ecologist working in the marine- and coastal section in Møreforsking Marin, where she is the research manager for the group working with ecosystems. Her research interests are within ecological dynamics and sustainable management regimes within the frames of changes within land-use and climate.
Her main expertise is found within vegetation ecology of anthropogenic nature types, such as coastal heathlands, and is linked to ecosystem functioning and changes in threatened nature types. Velle has great interest in in field-studies addressing vegetation dynamics at spatial and temporal scales, such as variation in regeneration dynamics, species composition and biodiversity.
Velle is experienced in communication of research-results, providing advice and dissemination of research-based knowledge to stakeholders, management authorities, nature conservation, and the public.
Velle was employed in Møreforsking Ålesund in 2014, and has previously been working in NIBIO (2004-2014) and NTNU University Museum (2003-2004). Velle has her PhD from the University of Bergen (2012), and her cand.scient degree from NTNU (2003). 
Velle’s publishing is found in Cristin.