Through over 30 years of business, Møreforsking has built solid expertise on designing and conducting projects within varying time- and budget-frames. The institute has 55 employees, whom conduct research, development, counseling and knowledge development.


Beate Julie Thu

Belongs to the research group “Marine Ecosystems” at Møreforsking and is working with topics related to aquaculture and IMTA (Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture), with physiological stress parameters in fish and shellfish and utilization of marine by-products. She has interest in and experience from several different fields of research including marine polysaccharides, proteins, aquaculture, fish health, cell biology, viruses and host-agent interactions, vaccines and immunology. 
Education: “Sivilingeniør” (MSc) in Biotechnology from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) (1990). Dr.ing (PhD), NTNU (1996) with thesis “Alginate polycation microcapsules: a study of some molecular and functional properties relevant for their use as a bioartificial pancreas”. 
She has been employed by Møreforsking since 2014. Previous positions: Senior researcher; Vaxxinova Norway AS (2011-2013), associate professor (2007-2011) and researcher (2002-2007); Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, senior researcher; Alpharma AS, Aquatic Animal Health division (1999-2002), researcher; Norwegian Veterinary institute (1997-1999) and NOBIPOL (NTH/Sintef) (1991).