Through over 30 years of business, Møreforsking has built solid expertise on designing and conducting projects within varying time- and budget-frames. The institute has 55 employees, whom conduct research, development, counseling and knowledge development.


Rikke Maria Strand Ipsen

Rikke holds a master’s degree in marine biology from the University of Bergen, with a specialization in biodiversity. She has a bachelor's degree in environmental and resource studies from the University of Bergen.

After graduating, she has worked as a technician for Lerøy Midt. She has also been a trainee in Kom Trainee where she was employed in Vindel AS and Kristiansund municipality and worked with, among other things, case processing, kelp project and Campus Kristiansund.

Rikke has been employed by Møreforsking since 2020 and is part of the research group Sea/Coast and aquaculture. She has research interests in nature conservation, how species are affected by climate change, marine litter, ecological connectivity, and red and blacklisted species.