Value Chain Analysis: Dried and Salted Cod from Norway to Portugal

Value Chain Analysis: Dried and Salted Cod from Norway to Portugal


Møreforsking Marin


Møreforsking Forskningsfond

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MA 12-03


ISSN 0804-5380

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Torsk ,  Verdikjede ,  Norge,  Portugal,  Gadus morhua 
The purpose of this working paper is to present a preliminary analysis of the value chain for dried salted cod produced in Norway and exported to Portugal. The paper is organised as follows: Section 1 deals with production of cod, including catches, first-hand prices and organisation. Section 2 describes processing of cod into a dried and salted product, followed by a description of transportation to Portugal (section 3). Final consumption is discussed in section 4. Section 5 is concerned with regulations as regards participation in fisheries and the management of marine resources. Section 6 is on market structure, while the Norwegian-Portuguese price transmission for dried salted and cod is analysed in section 7. The paper is summarised in the final section.
This working paper is written as part of a pre-project on value chains in fisheries at Aalesund University College, which in turn is part of a FAO project on value chains in small scale fisheries. The pre-project is financed through the research fund of Møreforsking AS.

More about the project here.
Working paper also published on the FAO project's website.