1609 RECIN - Regional Challenges and Innovation in business Networks. Maritime ...

1609 RECIN - Regional Challenges and Innovation in business Networks. Maritime Network Møre and Romsdal


Bjørn Guvåg, Marte Fanneløb Giskeødegård, Oddmund Oterhals, Jagjit Singh Srai


Møreforsking Molde AS


VRI Møre and Romsdal County




978-82-7830-268-2 (trykt), 978-82-7830-269-9 (elektronisk) / 0806-0789





This report summarises and documents collected information and results of the Møre and Romsdal part of the research project RECIN (REgional Challenges and possibilities – Innovation and value creation in business Networks). The focus in this report is primarily empirical, while the theoretical implications will be further developed in coming papers/articles. We have conducted a study of industrial network structure, evolution, challenges and possibilities for further development of the business network of maritime industries within the county of Møre and Romsdal. The study is informed by a methodology developed at CIM (Centre for International Manufacturing) at Cambridge University for the mapping, documentation and analysis of industrial business networks.

Presented results are based on available literature and qualitative interviews with selected representatives from a variety of stakeholders within this business network and associated governance actors.

Part one of the report contains an overview of actors within this maritime industry, with key figures and development patterns over the last decades. Part two describes a common theoretical platform for mapping of industrial business systems and a guide for survey interviews to be applied for all business networks within the RECIN project. Part three describes the interview guide and the interview panel for the survey.

Derived results are discussed in part four, covering assessed advantages, driving forces, with international, regional and company based perspectives. Innovation topics are particularly treated and future prospects are discussed.

A comparative study of corresponding analysis of the six regional business networks threated within RECIN is briefly introduced in part five of the report.