Manufacturing Network 4.0


Manufacturing Network 4.0

The R&D-project Manufacturing Network 4.0, initiated by iKuben, is a competence project for businesses, owned by Molde University College and NTNU. The project is about the importance of manufacturing expertise for long-term innovation capability.

International competitive production in expensive countries requires continuous focus on efficiency throughout the value chain. Manufacturing Network 4.0 will develop new principles for planning and managing the production of innovative and unique products. 

Use of modern information technology is an important key to manage material and information flows, and to create effective and adaptable production, specially adapted to the production of unique or small series of products. Technological advances in track and trace, sensors and the Internet opens a whole new possibility for dynamic production networks, information sharing and service development associated with the products. This development is commonly associated to the concept of Industrie 4.0, signifying the fourth industrial revolution. Manufacturing Network 4.0 aims to position itself within this development by developing knowledge in interaction between academia and industry to make Norwegian industry better equipped to face the future.

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Manufacturing Network 4.0