Underutilised fish species - Raw material properties of muscle fracton from Gre...

Underutilised fish species - Raw material properties of muscle fracton from Greater Argentine, Northern Wolffish and Polar Cod


Ann Helen Hellevik, Marianne Synnes, Iren Skjåstad Stoknes


Møreforsking Marin


EU-project FOOD-CT-2004-506359 SEAFOOD plus, Overall project coordinator: Danish Institute for Fisheries Research (Prof. Torger Børresen)






Vanninnhold,  Utbytte ,  Protein 
The objective of this study was to find the raw material properties for Northern Wolfish (Anarhichas denticulate), Greater Argentine (Argentina silus) and Polar cod (Boreogadus saida) by analysis of technological suitability (chemical and physical examination).
The examined species are characterised by having a white and lean flesh. The fat content of the muscle fraction varied between 0,9 and 1,6 %. Norhern Wolffish had a low protein content (9,9 %) and a corresponding high water content (89 %). Greater Argentine had a high protein content (18,7 %) and low water content (79,1 %). Greater Argentine had a very good water holding capacity of frozen and thawed material compared to the other species tested, including the reference species Cod (Gadus morhua). Correspondingly Greater Argentine had clearly the lowest loss of weight during cooking.
Both Polar Cod and Northern Wolffish had lower water holding capacity and higher cook loss than the reference species. This study has confirmed that the muscle from Greater Argenine had good technological properties and would possible be suitable as raw material for minced fish products and seafood product development in general.