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New biomarine cluster in Norway

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New biomarine cluster in Norway

Recently, the biomarine cluster “Ocean Ingredients Cluster (OIC)” located in Møre and Romsdal was assigned Arena status. Behind the Arena Program are The Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway and SIVA. Through the program they offer financial and technical support in order to contribute to long term development of the regional clusters.

The awarded Arena status recognizes the Biomarine cluster as a national lead with a potential of taking an international leading position. A total of 18 applicants competed to obtain Arena Status. OIC was one of five projects that were accepted for financial support.
The main objective OIC is to develop a well-functioning value chain which in turn attracts leading global players of the market segment. It is the vision to become an international lead when it comes to innovation of marine ingredients. The cluster will contribute to sustainable exploitation of marine resources through utilizing resources that are not fully utilized today (co-products, new species/by-catch) in order to increase profit of already harvested resources and make Norway the global lead as seafood producing nation.
Ålesund Kunnskapspark is project leader. The cluster consists of local, national and global companies within both fisheries and aquaculture. Companies are distributed along the entire marine value chain. At present 25 ocean-going fishing vessels participate (Roaldnes, Strand, Eros, Havfisk, Olympic Seafood). Further leading industrial companies like BASF Brattvåg, Firmenich Bjørge Biomarin, Koppernæsgruppen, Brødrene Sperre, Olympic Seafood, Epax, Marine Harvest, Arctic Nutrition, GC Rieber Oils, Berg LipitTech, Denomega, Pharma Marine, Vital Seafood are included. A number of these companies include international trade and distribution companies which will be important for commercialization and marketing of new products. Within R&D and education Møreforsking AS Marine Dept., SINTEF fisheries and aquaculture, and Aalesund University College are partners.
Contact info Møreforsking AS:
Head of Research: Agnes Chr. Gundersen